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"Always buy the best and in everything you do, have the customer in mind"

Nazir Ali

Founder and Owner


We want you to experience good service from the moment you step to our door, even when the line can sometimes begin outside the storefront....We never imagined the volume of people that would grow to come into our business. 

Take for example our curried potato, at one time it was only meant to go into the roti as a base, but people who wanted dinners never got potato on the side and our customers let us know! We quickly adapted and our curried potato has become so popular over they years, we can’t cook it fast enough! They always want more, some people have said our curry potato better than meat. Compare this to a French fry, or a baked potato, on our worst day, it is still better than the alternative.


We are there to please the customer, we can’t tell them no when they ask for more, that is why we are here. We don’t use ordinary, cheap, hard, and watery potato. We use a high quality potato, the buttery and soft potato. We spare no expense when it comes to high quality produces meal. 

Our Vision 

The year 2017 marks Alis Roti Restaurant 28th anniversary celebrating un-compromised quality, service and simply great food. As the owner , it is my motto “The customer is always right” which has preserved the health and integrity of our business, something that our customers and the surrounding Boston area community has known for over a quarter century. We strive to offer a healthy dependable alternative to the mass produced fast food chains by choosing fresh quality ingredients and cooking our food in an open kitchen. We purchase all our meats and produce locally and to guarantee daily freshness. In so doing, we infuse the spirit of happiness and guaranteed by a money back policy under any circumstance. Our employees are trained with professionalism to accommodate an excellent experience. 

From the Press

Boston Globe- Sasha Pheiffer 



"[Owner] Nazir's eateries are plain, simple places that make a serious commitment to healthful eating, using minimal oil for cooking and heralding the nutritional benefits of various herbs and spices"

Christian Science Monitor

"When people travel or spend time in the Caribbean, then they want to eat what they tasted on vacation in the islands when they return home..."


Phantom Gourmet 

"Alis Roti is one of Phantom Gourmet's GREAT ATE's for Ethnic" 

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